Hope Lutheran Church seeks to strengthen our faith in Jesus Christ,
to proclaim the gospel to others, and to strive for unity in Christ.

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Fund Balances:  General

$ 14,114..18

$   7,130.15

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$     350.43

$  2,132.16

Building Savings:


$     150.60

Annual Report of 2017 Business


 The HLCW met on Sunday, October 21.The meeting was called to order by President Gayle VanVooren.She called on Judy Hagen who suggested instead of the Silent Auction at the annual Meatball Supper, that a

raffle be held featuring a few desirable items.It was decided to try this.

Treasurer Helen Rokeh gave the treasurers report.She also said that she has received a new supply of greeting cards.

Sandy Tolk gave an update on the preparations for the Meat Ball Supper.It was decided to use divided paper plates this year.  It was also decided to serve pickle spears again this year.She is also getting volunteers to make deserts and lefse.A letter is being sent to all members reminding them to come for this dinner and asking for volunteers to help in various ways. There are several proposed projects that funds raised at this dinner can be used for.

Lynn Okrina has agreed to make a sandwich board to be placed downtown to advertise this and future events.

The HLCW Christmas Pot Luck is planned for Thursday, December 13 at Noon.

 The meeting was adjourned.

Barbara Fodness, Secretary

Cemetery News

 The Hope Lutheran Cemetery Board held a meeting on August 12th to go over several items of business for 2018.  One of the items discussed was the price of cemetery grave plots.  Since 2014, the price of a grave plot has been $400.  A price comparison was made with other local cemeteries, and it was decided that an increase would be appropriate.  After review and concurrence, the Board of Trustees would like to inform you that effective 1/1/19, grave plots will continue to be priced at $400 for casket OR one urn.  When a dual chambered container for 2 urns is used, an additional fee of $250 will be assessed for the second urn.  This new pricing structure remains below what other comparable cemeteries are charging.  Any grave plots purchased prior to January 1, 2019 will continue to pay the current flat fee of $400.  Any grave plots ‘spoken for’ but not paid, will be charged the current flat fee of $400 if paid by 1/1/19, or will be assessed the new rate if paid after this date.

A Letter from the Church Council Chairman

 Fall has been an active season at Hope.  Many projects are ongoing to maintain and improve our church building and worship environment.  We have addressed the problem with the water damage from the bell tower.   The inside of the tower needs to be sealed with an epoxy to prevent further decay of the inside of the tower and to seal the water out of the interior walls.  There will also need to be additional rubber liner placed on the deck in the tower and a re-routing of the water from and to the roof.  The council approved $14,000 for this repair based on the estimates from Buysse Roofing with the hope that the project can be completed this fall, weather permitting.  A special request for funding with a 2 for 1 match from the Endowment Committee has resulted in $8250 being dedicated to this project with the match.

The Hope Lutheran Scholarship fund has received a very generous gift from Al and Mary Geiwitz with their donation of $500,000 to be added to the Robert E. and Alice Geiwitz Scholarship Fund.  This gift brings the balance of the principle in that account to over $1.2 million dollars which will allow Hope to provide even more substantial scholarships to our youth.  We are very thankful for these gifts.

Our video project is ongoing and with the completion of our WiFi installation, we are ready to start using the video screen to enhance our worship services.  The council is looking for individuals to volunteer to be trained to work with this equipment.

 Our offer to sell 33 acres of the Gary Huso farmland to Anthony Buysse was rejected by Mr. Buysse and this negotiation has been ended.

Our Call Committee has been activated as we start the process to call a full time pastor to Hope Lutheran.  It is possible that we will have a new pastor by the fall of 2019.

A joint Thanksgiving Service with St. Edward's was held at St. Edward's Church Wednesday evening November 21st.  We enjoyed the opportunity to worship together again.

As we enter the Holiday Season and enjoy the fellowship with family and friends may we remember to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ as the true meaning of Christmas.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

Scott Josephson

Chairman, Hope Lutheran Church Council

Board of Trustees Report

Board of Deacons Report

    December - break for local current fundraisers/charities



Christmas Letters/Envelopes

Board of Education Report

Other Business

Respectfully Submitted, Chris Hansen, Secretary

Hospice Donations

Thank you to all who donated items for the Hospice House in Marshall.  Our HLCW keeps this service as our focus for donations over the year.

A basket for future donations is located in the Chapel area.  Simply drop off items for physical care, cleaning supplies, etc. and we will be sure they are delivered.

It is a privilege to assist those who are ill and the caregivers who tend to them.  Please continue to give needed items for our Hospice facilities.

     Your Hope Lutheran Church Women Organization

Donated items delivered on November 7th:

2 large Polident denture cleaner  1 package baby wipes

1 box panty liners   32 small conditioner containers

1 box Kleenex    4 large lotion containers

1 box plastic spoons   40 small lotion containers

1 roll parchment paper   1 denture cleaners/3 adhesives

9 toothbrushes    1 miscellaneous bag of towelettes, body wash, etc.

2 floss     2 large bars soap/1 bag soap balls

5 packages of toothpaste   51 small packages of soap

43 small shampoo containers