Hope Lutheran Church seeks to strengthen our faith in Jesus Christ,
to proclaim the gospel to others, and to strive for unity in Christ.

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Hope Lutheran, Minneota, MN

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Fund Balances:  General

$   6,268.04

$  14,338.89

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$     175.90

$  2,148.66

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$    4150.60

Annual Report of 2017 Business

Jubilation Updates

As we close out a year, I once again thank Jubilation for their commitment to Hope’s music program.  And now we begin our winter months of service.

Roberta Josephson has stepped in many times when I was unavailable this past year and that was so appreciated.  And she has encouraged many of our youth to join choir as the year has progressed.

The change in membership age also allows 7th graders and older to join the group in making music.  These young voices are needed in our weekly church services.  Please keep coming.

Practices will begin again on January 16th immediately after GLOW exercises.  January 9th will be left open for the Praise Band personnel.

We are fortunate to have active musicians in our midst—willing to give of their time and talents to enhance our church services.

Want to become a member?  This is a great time to get involved as we “make a joyful noise unto the Lord.”

        Gayle VanVooren, Director

Fellowship Hall Update

The new flooring in the Fellowship Hall has been appreciated, especially since the removal of the tile underneath was also accomplished.  While the Hope Lutheran Church Women (HLCW) spearheaded the project, it was the Council who stepped in to approve of the tile that contained asbestos.  The squares of carpeting are very attractive and can be removed in case of a food disaster.  And the linoleum near the serving area can be cleaned more often for sanitary purposes.

But more has been done.  The Committee of Nona Gottskalkson, Sue Handeland and Sandy Josephson went on a shopping expedition for new decorations in the basement area.  They returned, and put in place, many attractive signs throughout the church to update the overall appearance.  When all was said and done, they also donated these items in honor of their mothers, Audrey Ahlshlager and Marlene Josephson, who were both active members of the HLCW.

Nona Gottskalkson and Kassie Denney painted the entire area and Nona also donated the handsome clock near the serving area.  Many items from other areas of the church were refurbished and kept in use; such as The Lord’s Prayer hanging that was in the chapel area.  Made by Vi Amundson, this hanging had been in place for many years and was slightly damaged when the church had a fire.  Rita Dovre took the hanging down, washed it and then repositioned it on the red backing.  It now hangs in the Fellowship Hall as a renewed, vital work of art.  Rita Dovre also hand quilted a lovely “stained glass” cross that hangs in the stage area of the hall.  Her creativity has enhanced this area greatly.  And as you look to the upper walls, stately silver light fixtures are also a beautiful update for this area that has become so active.  We can all thank Barb and Lynn Okrina for this fine donation.  Ona Olevson’s plates are now in two places to be enjoyed and are another work of art by one of our members.

 All of the time, effort and donations have been so appreciated.  Take a look around—we have much to be thankful for.

Board of Trustees Report

Board of Deacons Report

   February - Green Lake Bible Camp/Lake Shetek Ministries

Board of Education Report

Other Business

Respectfully Submitted, Chris Hansen, Secretary