Hope Lutheran Church seeks to strengthen our faith in Jesus Christ,
to proclaim the gospel to others, and to strive for unity in Christ.

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113 South Jefferson Street
P.O. Box 87
Minneota MN 56264

(507) 872-6446 Church Office
(507) 872-5215 Kitchen

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Hope Lutheran, Minneota, MN

Church Office

Church Council


Annual Report of 2020 Business


Board of Education Report

Other Business

Next Executive Discussion on Agenda:  To be determined

Next Council Meeting – Wednesday, July 7, 2021, Trustees/Deacons 6:45 pm; Education-TBD; All together 7pm

Respectfully Submitted,
Deb Belaen, Council Secretary

Church Council Notes - May5, 2021


Attending in Person:  Terri Myhre, Deb Belaen, Rose Van Uden, Shane Bordewyk, Emily Hennen, Barb Knutson, Dave Dovre, Gayle Van Vooren, Clark Corbin, Moriah Reiss, Pastor Allen Campbell

Attending via Phone:  Chris Pesch-Church Secretary

Absent:  Lori Dyce, Bryce Denney, Barry Gronke

Pastor’s Report

Board of Trustees Report

Board of Deacons Report

Motion made by Dave Dovre to approve the Board of Deacons’ report. Deb Belaen seconded the motion. Motion carried.