Hope Lutheran Church seeks to strengthen our faith in Jesus Christ,
to proclaim the gospel to others, and to strive for unity in Christ.

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A Note from the Pastor:

May is a month of honoring, remembering, and transitioning. The month begins with Mother’s Day when we honor and remember the ones who gave us life. We honor the ones who are still with us, indeed we honor all mothers on this day. For most of us, our mothers who have nurtured and loved us; helping us to become the people we are today. We remember, often with sadness, the mothers who are no longer with us. We miss them, we grieve their loss, and we sometimes regret things left unsaid.

With many graduations taking place in May, we honor our graduates. We are excited to see our young (and not so young) people reach this important milestone in their lives. Speaking primarily of high school graduates, we remember years of homework, sports practices, concerts, and games; not to mention drama, frustration, pain, and the broken hearts that come with growing up.

On Memorial Day we remember our fallen warriors. Those precious souls who gave their lives in the fight for freedom, justice, and the overthrow of tyranny. We remember their sacrifice and strive to have their example help us to make the world a better place, in whatever way we are able.

Finally, May is the month of transitioning. We transition from spring to summer, our young people transition from school to new adventures, and our graduates move from their fourteen-year career as school students to new places and positions of responsibility. A move that takes them to the next step of life in the world as independent adults.

The entire month of May exists within the season of Easter. Beginning on Easter day and continuing for the next fifty days, Easter is the time of regeneration, new beginnings, and a renewed sense of hope. The darkness of winter is over and a new day is dawning. Easter celebrates the transition from death to life, and darkness to light. As the world once again turns green, we remember that life always finds a way, that death does not rule, and “weeping may last for a night, but joy comes in the morning.”

As we honor, remember, and transition, let us walk with the one who makes it all possible, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. His resurrection gives us the promise of our own resurrection, which begins even now, as we feel the summer sun shining down upon us.

Peace Y’all, Pastor Allen