Hope Lutheran Church seeks to strengthen our faith in Jesus Christ,
to proclaim the gospel to others, and to strive for unity in Christ.

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You can  view each Sunday’s worship service on the Hope Lutheran Church ELCA, Minneota MN channel on You Tube.  Go to www.youtube.com, in the search field type in Hope Lutheran Church ELCA, Minneota MN.  Select that channel, then click on “Subscribe” in the bottom right corner.  You will then receive a notice when new video is added each week.  


Hope Lutheran members of the MHS class of 2020 were presented quilts at the outdoor Church service on June 21st.  Those recognized were Nolan Boerboom, Serena Breyfogle, Jackson Jeremiason, Blake Reiss, Alex Saltzer, Kalob Regnier, Kolby Regnier, and Myles Williams.  Homemade quilts have become a yearly tradition for our Hope seniors.  Members who enjoy sewing make the tops in their homes throughout the year.  Material is then purchased to coordinate as a backing and fiber fill is purchased to give the quilts their plushness.  Thrivent has been very helpful in sharing funds to help purchase material, thread, and other supplies. The members join together in the winter months to align the tops, batting and backs and tie the pieces together securely.  The edging is then sewn to finish the quilts.  Extra time is spent then matching up the finished quilt with each senior.  Those who have helped with this quilt project are Sandy Tolk, Marilyn Kompelien, Gayle VanVooren, Barb Fodness, Helen Rokeh, Fran Fier, Loralee Miller, Judy Hagen, Glenda Fink, and Rita Dovre.  Each quilt has a “Hugs from Hope” design embroidered by Rita Dovre as a reminder to the students of the church community who is wishing them success in the future.

Donations for Hospice are always welcome.  The collection bin is in the Chapel area near the secretary desk.

In 2022 Hope Lutheran Church will celebrate 150 years of ministry and fellowship!

The church council has asked some of the committee members of the 125th Anniversary Celebration to start the process of securing dates and discussing special events to be planned for the celebration.  We will begin the planning, but will certainly welcome congregational input and will also need help in a variety of forms from all members of Hope Lutheran.

God’s blessing to our congregation as we begin this journey of planning and implementing this historic anniversary celebration of our church.

Walk Around Offering
August 30th

Esther’s Kitchen

Located within Christ United Presbyterian Church in Marshall, Esther’s Kitchen is a part of “Loaves and Fishes”, a nonprofit organization serving free, nutritious meals to those in need in seven Minnesota counties.  They are the largest “open to the public” meal program in the state.  They are guided by their vision that all people, regardless of socioeconomic, cultural or ethnic background, deserve to meet their basic needs for food, dignity and      respect.  Esther’s Kitchen serves a delicious dinner four days a week.


COVID-19 Update—the COVID-19 committee will be working to allow for in-church worship services in the near future.  We will try to accommodate everyone’s preferences as best we can, while keeping our health and safety as our first priority.  We will still have the transmitter available if you would prefer to listen in your car our outside, or service can be viewed on YouTube.  Please be watching for further communication on this.

Resolution to change the number of members on Church Council.  In February, we had the first vote to change the number of members on church council, and the vote passed.  According to by-laws, the second congregational meeting and vote should be taking place six months after (now in August).  However, since we are in unprecedented times and this is clearly an extenuating circumstance, the council has voted to delay the 2nd meeting and vote until we are able to hold a regular church service.  There is a need for a quorum, and it was felt that we will not get enough people present to be able to take the vote.

Building and Grounds Committee.  This is a new committee that is being formed, and the goal is that we would have 4-5 people who would inspect the church, parsonage and grounds on a regular basis and develop a list of priority projects.  They would then assign an estimated project cost, and would determine the order of priority.  This list would be made available to the congregation, so that everyone is aware of and working towards the long-range goals.  A report of completed/outstanding projects and costs will become part of our annual report.  These are typically tasks that have been taken care of by the council, but with the council members changing every year, it seemed in our best interest to have a separate group that would focus on and develop a long-range plan for building maintenance and repair.  The council president will preside on this committee.  We are asking for volunteers to sign-up prior to Labor Day (September 7th, 2020).  If you would like to be on the committee, please contact Terri Myhre at 828-0147.

Financial Status.  We have been extremely blessed with continued financial support during these times, and we are grateful and appreciative of that.  We were fortunate to receive money through the Payroll Protection Plan, and that has certainly helped us through this time.  That money has now been used as intended, and the reports for the loan forgiveness have been submitted.  Please continue to pray for and support our church the best you are able.  We appreciate your generosity and continued support.  Please remember that donations can be mailed to the church or placed in the black box next to the secretary’s desk.