Hope Lutheran Church seeks to strengthen our faith in Jesus Christ,
to proclaim the gospel to others, and to strive for unity in Christ.

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“My View of the Pews”

Doesn’t seem possible that I should be bringing up Lenten activities already but we are only days away from beginning those services.  Haven’t finalized my plans yet, but leaning towards a walk to the cross with the 12 disciples.  Time will tell.  Hard to concentrate with Christmas carols still ringing in my head.

Would also like to mention the fact of how fragile our lives can be and how quickly they can change.  A couple of  Sundays ago I asked for prayers for my aunt and cousin, both of them have sadly passed away.  My aunt was 83 and had no real health issues but suffered an unexpected brain aneurysm.  My cousin was looking forward to celebrating 50 years of marriage in Hawaii, when she fell down her basement stairs and suffered severe brain damage.  So my thoughts are that we don’t know the day or hour that our lives here on earth will end, so we must always be prepared and watchful doing God’s service.  Enjoy life, love others and be great servants of God’s work.

Finally this past week Scott Josephson, myself and a representative from the Synod office met to do an annual review of how Hope Lutheran was doing under the pastoral care of a non-ordained person, meaning me.  Don’t want this to sound like bragging but we were asked about positive and negative things here at Hope and because of you, the congregation, we spent most of the hour talking about all the positive things, such as GLOW, music, participation, scholarships, mission trips, community participation, etc., etc.  

On the negative side the leaky Bell Tower seemed to get the most attention!

So as we enter the Lenten season let us be great full to the disciples who spread the good news of the gospel so that we can do the same, let us look forward to a new chapter of service with Hope and St. Paul’s sharing agreement and let us be thankful for each day we are given.

See you in church.

Pastor Bruce