Hope Lutheran Church seeks to strengthen our faith in Jesus Christ,
to proclaim the gospel to others, and to strive for unity in Christ.

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President’s Message:

Fellow Members of Hope,

The Lutheran community in Minneota has been in transition in 2017 as the congregations of Hope Lutheran and St. Paul’s Lutheran have approved the agreement to share pastoral leadership following the vote taken in each parish on September 24th.  This vote follows very diligent cooperative work by the leadership of both congregations.  This agreement will now be forwarded to the Synod.

This is an exciting time for our church and as we proceed forward to our official start date in March of 2018 we must do so prayerfully and with a spirit of Christian cooperation.  Pastor Bruce has agreed to provide his leadership for this new association and we are very thankful for his service to our church and community.  

We have had a very successful community effort to raise relief funds for the victims of Hurricane Harvey.  With combined contributions from the Catholic, Lutheran and non-denominational churches in the Minneota community during Boxelder Bug Days and collections take during that weekend, more than $6,000 was collected for that relief effort.  This was then matched at $4,000 by our Hope Lutheran Mission Endowment Fund for a total of more than $10,000.  This was then matched again by Thrivent Financial for a final total of more than $20,000 from our community.  What wonderful stewardship of the generous gift given to Hope Lutheran by Gary Huso in his estate!

A large screen video monitor has been purchased with memorial money gifted to provide audio-visual enhancement for our worship services.  Boxelder Bug Days shared in the cost of this big screen as well.  This screen will be installed above and to the left of the pulpit and will be used during worship services and for GLOW as well.

Our parsonage facelift project is nearly completed and as we saw at the open house, we have a beautiful home that will certainly be an asset we can be proud to show a prospective pastor’s family.  Thanks to all of the volunteers who helped with the project and to Roberta Josephson, Nona Gottskalkson and Tony Opdahl for their hours of hard work and leadership over the last 10 months!

With the necessary upgrade at the parsonage, our building fund has been depleted.  As we move into the full schedule of church activity this fall, please help us rebuild this fund with your giving.  There are special building fund envelopes to use for this purpose in addition to our regular giving.

This is an exciting time at Hope Lutheran!  As we move forward through the next year let us remember our Christian mission as we build a new Lutheran community and strive for unity in Christ.

Scott Josephson

Chairman, Hope Lutheran Church

Parsonage Facelift 2016 - 2017

We were excited to show the parsonage to the congregation on Sunday, September 24th following church!

Working (and sweating) together has been the best part of this experience.  Following 10 months of many hours of hard working volunteers sharing Monday days and evenings, as well as some Thursday nights and Saturday mornings, and hours planning and picking up items behind the scenes, we are very close to completion of this project.

A few of the improvements that were accomplished include:

We found mold in the bathrooms, all the exterior walls and the ceilings in the basement which added demolition and rebuilding to our time and the cost of the project.  We also need to widen doorways and add a half-bath that is wheelchair accessible, bring the wiring up to code, and update the sixty year old plumbing.  The original hot water heaters throughout the house were rusted and pipes were leaking causing the kitchen sub-floor under the linoleum to be wet and very weak.  All of the kitchen cabinets and appliances, bathroom cabinets and sinks and tubs have been updated, carpet taken off of all floors with special care taken on the hardwood floors in the bedrooms, new gutters and landscaping around the house, every room in the house was cleaned and painted, and the flooring throughout the house was replaced.

We have depleted the building fund at this time, but need to purchase window treatments throughout the house, replace the unusable wood burning fireplace with a gas insert and get the chimney professionally cleaned, replace the driveway, and fix the front and back steps to avoid more water damage in the basement.

The Facelift was much more that we anticipated at the beginning of this project, but a wonderful house has turned into a beautiful, updated house that we as a congregation can be very proud of and one that will certainly be attractive to a Pastor and their family.

We will put some of the any pictures taken during the remodeling on our Hope Lutheran Church website.  Thank you again to the many volunteers that helped with the Parsonage Facelift.

The Parsonage Facelift Committee

Calling all Thrivent members!
With Thanksgiving approaching, the Northland Region Thrivent Member Network, of which the Marshall office is a part of, has issued a challenge called Give Thanks and Give Back---A November Food Shelf Challenge. GLOW and Youth of Hope are on board with the challenge, and as members of Hope, we have the challenge as well.Here is how it works:

500 = $500: From November 1st to November 30, we need to collect 500 items or more and our local food shelf in Marshall will receive $500 from the Thrivent Member Network. So for now, start bringing in items and place them in the narthex and we will be counting items. More information will be coming and watch for an updated count to see how close we are to our 500 items.  The challenge will provide gifts up to a total of $50,000.

Turn Off The Lights

When church members are using the church you are asked to PLEASE turn off the lights when you leave a room.  Our electric bill could be lowered if everyone cooperated.  Too often, an event has ended in our church and everyone simply walks out the door.

Be a good steward and hit the switch in the rooms you have used.  Remember our custodians have full time jobs and can’t be here immediately!  

Please help with the lights!